Important JS topics to brush up before Frontend Interview

Important JS topics to brush up before Frontend Interview

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Hello, Mate! ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿ˜„ Hope you're doing great. If you are someone who is actively looking out for opportunities in the Web Development domain (Front-end Developer/ Fullstack Developer role) and searching out for question dumps kind of thing to ace your interview, you have come to the right place.

You will find all the important topics that you need to brush on in order to get ready for your technical interviews. Once you have covered grasping all the topics mentioned, I can 100% assure you that you will be able to crack your technical rounds with full confidence.

Pro tip: Pick a single topic at once and read about it on multiple blogs/articles ( Eg.,, GeeksForGeeks articles). Also, don't forget to prepare notes while reading. ( Mind-muscle Connection)

Listed below are the JavaScript topics that you need to cover without fail before going for an interview.

Difference between == vs ===
What is Destructing in JS?
Array Destructuring vs Object Destructuring
Difference between Arrow function and Regular Function
Pass by value vs Pass by reference
Significance of Call, Apply and Bind in JS
What is Callback Hell?
What is Closure in JS?
Currying in JS
What are the different Datatypes in JS?
Difference between Null and Undefined
Difference between var , let and const
Event Delegation in JS
Event bubbling vs Event capturing
Function declaration vs Function expression
Higher order function in JS
What is Hoisting in JS?
Difference between Local Storage and Session Storage
What is Memoization in JS?
Difference between Primitive and Non-primitive datatype
What is Promise in JS?
Prototypal Inheritance in JS
What is a Pure function in JS?
Scopes in JavaScript
setTimeout vs setInterval
Difference between Shallow copy and Deep copy
Significance of 'this' keyword
Spread vs Rest Operator
What is Temporal Dead Zone in ES6?
What are the different ways to clone an Object
What is IIFE( Immediately Invoked Function Expression)?
What is Callback function?
What are the features in JavaScript ES6?
What does !! do?
What does ** do?
Name some JavaScript methods
What is the use of map(), filter(), reduce() method in JS?

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Thanks a lot for reading my article. Happy Learning! All the best for your upcoming interviews.

"Always remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." --Christopher Robin

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